The News Publishers' Association is disappointed that the Select Committee for Economic Development, Science and Innovation has been unable to reach consensus on the Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill.

The NPA’s Director of Public Affairs, Andrew Holden, said: “It was very clear from the many submissions made to this Committee in February that this Bill has the overwhelming support of New Zealand’s media companies, whether their main platform is digital, print, radio or television.

“It is notable that, in the Committee’s revised version of the Bill, there was substantial development of the Bill by the committee, in particular to address the impact of Artificial Intelligence to the media industry.

“Clearly the Committee could not achieve agreement on this and other amendments. New Zealand’s media industry is facing many challenges at the moment, and this legislation is a necessary first step to providing greater financial stability.

“We look forward to hearing what Minister Goldsmith has to say about this Bill and a regulatory framework to support the sustainability for New Zealand media and professional journalism in this country.”