WINNER: Chris Skelton | The Press / Stuff

JUDGES: Ellen Smith and Jason South

“Chris Skelton had the winning entry with five strong images over a variety of subjects.

Alan Gibson | UNO Magazine
Alden Williams | The Press / Stuff

WINNER: Iain McGregor | The Press / Stuff

JUDGES: Eric Janssen and Jason South

“Most entrants had at least one stunning image. What defined the finalists was having breathtaking, quality images throughout their portfolios, in which they showed immense skill, composition, versatility and timing.

David White | Stuff
Mike Scott | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Brett Phibbs | PhibbsVisuals, Photosport, NZ Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Eric Janssen and John Sefton

“A stunning array of images, and lots of debate between the judges to whittle down an extensive shortlist – so much so that there’s a runner-up. The final choice came down to a superb mix of skilful photography and showcasing the beauty and the drama of sport.

RUNNER UP: Andrew Cornaga | Photosport Ltd

Kai Schwoerer | The Press / Stuff

WINNER: Michael Craig | NZ Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Ellen Smith and John Sefton

“A strong set of images, really showed a range of skills and diversity. To be a good press photographer you need to be able to cover any situations thrown at you and cover it well and Michael has demonstrated this in his portfolio.”

Kai Schwoerer | The Press / Stuff
Stephen Jaquiery | Otago Daily Times / Allied Press


WINNER: RNZ with Guyon Espiner, Farah Hancock, John Hartevelt, Cole Eastham-Farrelly and Hingyi Khong The Interview

JUDGES: Melissa Gardi and Petra Bagust

“An outstanding entry involving serious data wrangling and multimedia production to tell a new story with wit and credibility. A great example of data translating into an accessible, immersive experience, driving audience engagement.”

Moving away from geography: Election results on a New Zealand tile mapChris Knox | NZ Herald / NZME  

Deep Trouble: How climate change has reached the world’s end – Jamie Morton | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Breakfast Team with Jenny-May Clarkson | 1 News / TVNZ – Cyclone Gabrielle Lifeline

JUDGES: Alexi O’Brien and Briar McCormack

“Capturing and broadcasting an emotional moment in its purest form, unproduced and unscripted, takes courage and maturity. It is a powerful way of conveying the human tragedy of a disaster like Cyclone Gabrielle where the sheer scale of the destruction can be overwhelming for viewers. This was a compelling and emotional live from Jenny-May Clarkson and the TVNZ Breakfast camera team. Jenny-May showed empathy and kindness while giving an important update about conditions in Tairāwhiti.

Barbara Dreaver and Harley Peters | 1 News / TVNZ –  Auckland downtown shooting
Chris Skelton and Shannon Redstall | Stuff – Brothers in tears in aftermath of flood destruction

WINNER: Paddy Gower Has Issues | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery Bullying and Mobile Phones 

JUDGES: Adam Harley and Janet McIntyre

“The judges said the story zeroed in on a contemporary issue which was confrontational for every parent and relevant to every child. It showcased the power of raw video and a young victim’s voice, layered with solid research, diverse angles and craftsmanship. Gritty and powerful, the programme’s call to  ban cell phones in schools preceded a change in New Zealand legislation.”

Ruwani Perera, The Hui | Great Southern TV – Kura’s story
Melanie Reid and Bonnie Summer | – Return to Gore

WINNER: John Campbell with Andrew Dalton and Dallas Smith | / TVNZ – Slash

JUDGES: Charlotte Whale and Hannah Brown

“The judges said the scripting, interviews and flow in Slash were beautiful. They combined with exceptional camera work to bring to life this urgent and tragic environmental challenge.”

RNZ – Boiling Point – March 2nd
TP+ – Our Country’s Shame

WINNER: Melanie Reid, Bonnie Sumner, Paul Enticott, Judith Curran and Age Pryor | The Boy in the Water

JUDGES: Leigh Pearson and Lynn Freeman

“The agenda-setting Boy in the Water is a compelling exposé of injustice showcasing the best of investigative journalism that enlisted experts and saw the justice system respond to its findings. This podcast series is the reason why the death of Lachlan Jones will be further investigated.  It is this factor that distinguishes Boy in the Water from exceptional category finalists.”

Mihingarangi Forbes and team | RNZ and Aotearoa Media Collective – MATA with Mihingarangi Forbes
Steven Price and team | RNZ – Mr Lyttle Meets Mr Big

WINNER: Lawrence Smith | Stuff

JUDGES: Briar McCormack and Drew Ambrose

“Lawrence’s diverse folio is bold, creative and cinematic. Put simply, videography of a consistently high standard.  The judges were particularly impressed with his choice of framing, use of light and picture editing decisions.  A visual storyteller to behold.”

Baz Macdonald | Re: News / TVNZ
Marika Khabazi | RNZ


JUDGES: Graeme Muir and Marc Dodd

“While all entrants impressed with the quality of their journalism, Stuff’s innovative approaches to reaching new audiences across different platforms, with a special focus on live and mobile, set it apart from the competition.”

NZ Herald / NZME
The Post / Stuff


WINNER: Danyl McLauchlan | NZ Listener / Are Media

JUDGES: Megan Nicol Reed and Michelle Hurley

“In a country in which public intelllectuals are thin on the ground, Danyl is one of the few writers with the mettle to not only take on big ideas and complex information, but with the nous to achieve that rare trifecta of being edifying, clearly argued and a pleasure to read.”

Madeleine Chapman | The Spinoff
Steve Braunias |

WINNER: Ella Stewart | RNZ

JUDGES: Rev. Frank Ritchie and Linda Sanders

“The judges were impressed with Ella’s compelling storytelling, the diversity of her body of work, depth of analysis of her chosen topics, and the breadth and balance of voices she included. Ella’s work was both timely and informative. The judges also wish to mention that they were impressed with the overall high standard of entries and the sensitive way young journalists addressed difficult topics.”

Lauren Pattemore | Crux
Mitchell Hageman | Hawke’s Bay Today and NZ Herald / NZME

“The judges felt that the work of both Lauren Pattemore and Mitchell Hageman was of an extremely high standard, highlighting engaging stories that are important in their local context. Both demonstrated strong capability in writing, and working with necessary contacts over time to deepen the stories they submitted.”

WINNER: Melanie Reid, Bonnie Sumner, Paul Enticott and Judith Curran | The Boy in the Water

JUDGES: Ali Ikram and Andrew Pirie

“The Boy in the Water stood out in a highly competitive category with more than 50 entries. The investigation into the tragic death of a three-year-old Lachlan Jones combined detailed forensic research, highly empathetic interviewing and dogged questioning of authorities. The resulting articles and chart-topping podcast prompted a police review of the case and a second coronial inquest.”

Nick Perry | NZ Herald / NZME and Associated Press – Antarctic Sexual Harassment and Assault
Blair Ensor | Stuff – Damon Exley’s Prison Escape

WINNER: Andrea Vance | The Post / Stuff – Kiri Allan ‘yelled and screamed’ at me, senior public servant says

JUDGES: Kate Lynch and Michelle Duff

“Andrea’s story stood out in an incredibly tough category due to her fearless storytelling and tenacity in getting a difficult story across the line at great personal cost, while skewering a toxic parliamentary culture. A pure scoop with lasting impact.”

Victoria Young | BusinessDesk / NZME – Leaked: Fletcher pipe problem will cost A$1.8b, major builder claims

Mike White | Sunday Star-Times / Stuff – ‘I made it up.’ Top cop allegedly confessed that he framed David Tamihere

WINNER: Michael Morrah with Nick Estelrich | Newshub – Coverage of Cyclone Gabrielle

JUDGES: John Gillespie and John Roughan

“Michael Morrah managed to reach some of the most isolated communities devastated by Cyclone Gabrielle and stayed with the story, revealing authorities had information that should have triggered evacuation notices nine hours before people had to be rescued from rooftops. His investigative journalism moved the Government and distinguished his entry from others featuring fine reporting of the impact of the year’s worst natural disaster.”

Newshub team – for coverage of Cyclone Gabrielle
The Post / Stuff – for coverage of the fatal Loafers Lodge fire

WINNER: Gill Higgins, Kaitlin Aldridge and Nicola Russell | Fair Go / TVNZ – Limitless Campaign 

JUDGES: Anna Fifield and Kevin Calvert

“Fair Go doing what Fair Go does best. Campaigning for the disadvantaged. In this case, people with disabilities. An excellent series that reinforces what we’ll be missing from our screens.”

Mary Williams | Otago Daily Times / Allied Press – Houses of Horror
Steve Kilgallon | Stuff – The shambles of NZ’s Accredited Employer Work visa scheme

WINNER: Indira Stewart | 1News / TVNZ

JUDGES: Richard Pamatatau and Sue Ahearn

“The judges said Indira’s winning package of stories showed a sustained mix of newsworthiness and exclusive content, beautifully written and presented based clearly on a deep set of contacts that enabled the excavation of new material to bring the stories to light. On a broader note the judges recognise the wide range of Pacific stories and the challenges in both finding them and then telling them. We encourage media organisations to continue to support and develop content in this area.”

John Pulu | Tagata Pasifika / Sunpix Ltd and TVNZ
Soana Aholelei | Tagata Pasifika / Sunpix Ltd and TVNZ

Mihingarangi Forbes | Aotearoa Media Collective
Moana Maniapoto
| Whakaata Māori

JUDGES: Mani Dunlop and Mike McRoberts

“The judges this year were overwhelmed by the calibre of entries this year, making this category and extremely difficult one to judge.

So much so they had to land on joint winners… who are Mihingarangi Forbes and Moana Maniapoto.

Their entries as always set the bar high but their entries were indicative of the multifaceted way in which these award winning and veteran journalists and broadcasters and their producers cover their stories, conduct their interviews and shine a light, with a staunch and clear ao Māori lens on their work.

Mihingarangi Forbes’ investigative pieces show the depth, expertise and pūkenga she brings time after time to this industry, not only holding out leaders to account but shining a light only Māori journalist’s can spotlight that others cannot, during a time where the industry is at risk it is the independent story tellers that are a consistent yet innovative pou for our industry and for Māori media and future journalists.

Moana Maniapoto and her producers at Te Ao in their entry have yet again exhibited the imperative role our Māori journalists play in creating not only enticing pieces of work that have you hooked and bookmarked on your browsers but resources and archival content that will be forever treasured. Moana consistently shows her warmness, entertaining yet hard hitting approach in her work.

These two winners show that the way in which we tell and cover the stories important to Māori and non-Māori is not linear and the diversity in story telling in this category and among Māori journalists shows we have a huge, experienced and incredible talent in this category that has affirmed the judges that the future in Māori journalism is bright and safe.”

Aaron Smale |

D’Angelo Martin | Great Southern TV

WINNER: Toby Morris | The Spinoff

JUDGES: Cathy Wilcox and Dylan Horrocks

“Toby Morris’s entry was the unanimous winner in a very strong field. His visual essays explore a range of topics, from the personal to the socio-political and ecological. They are well-researched, factually informative and engagingly drawn, telling us things we didn’t already know with intelligence and humanity. His longform comics, enlivened with occasional animated details, combine reportage, nuanced commentary, and effective visual communication to shine light on important issues of our times, including historical context and diverse experiences and perspectives.”

Sharon Murdoch | The Post, The Press, Sunday Star-Times / Stuff

Rod Emmerson | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Mike White | Sunday Star-Times, The Post, The Press / Stuff

JUDGES: Bernadine Oliver-Kerby and Coen Lammers

“Mike White’s portfolio had the edge in the sport journalism category which this year included a high number of top-quality entries. His coverage of the remarkable recovery of multi-athlete Ben Lott from a life-altering accident was the stand-out sports story of the year and beautifully illustrated by video-journalist Iain McGregor.”

Jordan Oppert | 1News / TVNZ
Michael Burgess | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Eloise Gibson | Stuff and RNZ

JUDGES: Erica Lloyd and Nikki Mandow

“Eloise’s portfolio shows a journalist who holds business and Government to account for its climate performance; her storytelling prowess makes complex issues imminently readable.”

Corazon Miller | 1News / TVNZ
Victoria Young | BusinessDesk / NZME

WINNER: Mike White | Sunday Star-Times / Stuff

JUDGES: Eleanor Black and Sharon Stephenson

“In a strong category with a varied range of stories, Mike White’s pieces had real verve and heart. His effortless storytelling, old-school attention to detail and unique approach to his subjects made him the clear winner.”

Greg Bruce | NZ Herald / NZME

Hikurangi Jackson | Whakaata Māori

WINNER: Annemarie Quill | Stuff

JUDGES: Ian Grant and Todd Niall

“An entry of crisply written, immediately engaging, original stories spanning court, natural disaster, politics and local body territory, demonstrating the value of good local connections, and of “being there”.”

Logan Savory | The Southland Tribune
Nadine Roberts | Stuff

WINNER: Jack Tame | Q+A / TVNZ

JUDGES: Keith Davies and Trish Sherson

“Tame demonstrated a mastery of the art, science and ruthless precision of great live TV political interviews keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and politicians sweating.”

Amelia Wade | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery
Audrey Young | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Alexa Cook | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery

JUDGES: Gordon Harcourt and Richard Harman

“Alexa Cook’s portfolio showcased classic news coverage of fast breaking stories, enterprising solutions to technical and logistical challenges and real insight within the stories presented as well written and produced stories.”

Nick Truebridge | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery

Tony Wall | Stuff

WINNER: Tracy Watkins | The Post and Sunday Star Times / Stuff

JUDGES: Grant McKenzie, Joanna Norris and Michael Boggs

The judges felt Tracy Watkins had shown exceptional leadership over the past 12 months leading a transformation of The Post with a clear focus on her subscribers in digital and print. She has united an outstanding team of journalists across The Post and Sunday Star Times with a journalistic hunger for beautifully told stories. The result has been that the audience for the Post has grown dramatically and it has established itself as a powerful voice in the Capital and beyond. This has not happened by chance; Tracy has been deliberate leading her team with unwavering journalistic ferocity earned through more than 40 years in the business. She stands among the best editors in the country setting an outstanding example for a new generation of journalists and editors that she is committed to nourishing.

Daisy Hudson | Ashburton Guardian
Rebecca Howard | BusinessDesk / NZME



JUDGES: Sally Duggan and Sido Kitchin

“Re: News is an exciting glimpse into the future of New Zealand media. Aimed at the notoriously hard-to-reach under 35 demographic, it’s rich with content that you don’t see anywhere else: content that stops the scroll for young Kiwis. The election year content and the strong engagement it generated were particularly impressive.  A deserving winner in a category with some stand-out candidates.”

New Zealand Listener | Are Media

NZ Gardener | Stuff

WINNER: Sunday / Rātapu | Sunday Star-Times / Stuff

JUDGES: Josie Steenhart and Sarah Dunn

“Sunday is a breezy breakfast buffet of chunky interviews with internationally-topical subjects, supported by appealing snippets of lifestyle content. Always with an eye for the trending issue, it’s not afraid to wade into contentious debate.

Viva | NZ Herald / NZME

Canvas | Weekend Herald / NZME

WINNER: Ellen Rykers | New Zealand Geographic / Kōwhai Media

JUDGES: Jenny Farrell and Tess McClure

“An excellent portfolio of magazine features covering a fascinating range of topics executed with skill. This is long-form journalism at its best; each article was well researched, informative and beautifully written.

Kirsty Johnston | RNZ and Stuff
Toby Manhire | The Spinoff

WINNER: Gabi Lardies | New Zealand Geographic and The Spinoff

JUDGES: Jessica McAllen and Shaun Bamber

“With the finalists all potentially winning contenders, singling out just one was a hard ask, but Gabi’s engaging tone and varied subject choices earned her the number one spot.

Charlotte Muru-Lanning | The Spinoff
Hanna McCallum | The Post / Stuff

WINNER: Sam Sherwood | NZ Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Heather McCracken and Isabelle Oderberg

“All the stories in Sam’s entry were extremely strong, with excellent source work and difficult subjects well-handled. All stories featured exclusive angles, demonstrating an innate ability to sniff out and break news.

Nicholas Jones | NZ Herald / NZME
Nikki Macdonald | The Post / Stuff

WINNER: Mahurangi Matters

JUDGES: Alex Braae and Toby Manhire

“Mahurangi Matters exemplifies the sort of local issues coverage that makes community newspapers important. With dogged, balanced, and insightful reporting on the Dome Valley issue, readers would have been vastly better informed as a result of picking up a copy. The papers were filled out with a strong mix of local government coverage, opinion, sport, and celebratory pieces on pillars of the community, making the paper an overall rich and satisfying read.

Ashburton Guardian
Gulf News / Pendragon Press Ltd

WINNER: Hawke’s Bay Today / NZME

JUDGES: Jim Tully and Jonathan Milne

“The judges said when Cyclone Gabrielle devastated Hawkes Bay, its regional daily stepped up when it counted, and how, with sustained comprehensive coverage in the most challenging circumstances that was an exemplar of a newspaper serving its community when it mattered most.

Nelson Mail / Stuff
Waikato Times / Stuff

WINNER: Weekend Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Alex Braae and Toby Manhire

“The Weekend Herald is the complete package: a mix of incisive news and insightful features, replete with compelling reads across business, sport, lifestyle and opinion. The paper balances in-depth, serious journalism and lighter relief in a bundle that demands to be kept within arm’s reach through the course of a weekend.

Otago Daily Times Weekend / Allied Press
The Weekend Press / Stuff


JUDGES: Jim Tully and Jonathan Milne

“The judges said the New Zealand Herald’s journalistic depth and breadth, striking photography and sharp design are a cut above any other daily newspaper.

The Post / Stuff

WINNER: Hawke’s Bay Today / NZME

JUDGES: Jane Wrightson, Jim Tully and Jonathan Milne

“The judges said it was a hard decision given the quality of the entries. However, they unanimously agreed Hawkes Bay Today’s response to Cyclone Gabrielle was an extraordinary effort in extraordinary times, demonstrating the vital role regional media can play in a crisis. The paper wisely used the resources of the NZME group to assist its local team, who reported without fear, asking hard questions of its charity partner and calmly providing verified, localised information amid the chaos. 

Mahurangi Matters
NZ Herald / NZME
Weekend Herald / NZME


Martin van Beynen
Mike Fletcher
Todd Niall