Commerce Commission makes draft decision to approve NPA collective bargaining application

The News Publishers’ Association (NPA) today welcomed the Commerce Commission’s draft decision to approve the NPA’s application for independent New Zealand news publishers to collectively bargain with global giants Meta and Google for fair payment for journalism used on their platforms.

The decision builds on provisional authorisation granted in April.

General Manager of the NPA, Brook Cameron, said: “Today’s announcement means we are one step closer to redressing the power imbalance that exists between independent New Zealand news publishers and the digital giants, and securing fair payment for Kiwi journalism used on their platforms.

"We are pleased that the Commission's draft decision recognises the imbalance of bargaining power, and that allowing collective bargaining for fairer remuneration should allow for the funding of greater journalistic resources and the production of greater news content in New Zealand – including for smaller local and regional news publishers that are so vital to our communities.

“The digital giants have built trillion-dollar businesses on the back of free and unfettered access to journalism made and paid for by others, while also taking a dominant share of the advertising market that has traditionally funded that journalism.

“The ability to collectively bargain will help us engage these companies to receive fair payment and secure a vibrant, thriving media that is critical to a healthy democracy, and we welcome the Commission’s draft decision that recognises those public benefits for New Zealand,” says Cameron.

The application is being made on an “opt in” basis, with it open for NPA members, and other independent New Zealand owned news publishers, to choose to participate in the collective bargaining group should it ultimately be approved by the Commerce Commission.

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