WINNER: Chris Skelton | Stuff

JUDGES: Phil Reid and Jason South

“Five very different pics and all well executed.

Alan Gibson | Stuff
Lawrence Smith | Stuff
David White | Stuff

WINNER: Chris Skelton | The Press and Stuff

JUDGES: Mike Bowers and John Sefton

“Overall all the finalists had great entries. The winning portfolio featured strong news pictures, each showing the power of a still image, making Chris Skelton’s entry a standout.

RUNNER UP: Stephen Jaquiery | Otago Daily Times / Allied Press

Braden Fastier | Nelson Mail / Stuff
George Heard \ NZ Herald / NZME
Mark Mitchell | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Andrew Cornaga | Photosport

JUDGES: William West and John Sefton

“The winning portfolio showed capturing the moment at its best. The composition of each picture was excellent and the cropping of the pictures showed how to get the most out of each image making them stand out. Over all this was a excellent entry and show diversity.

RUNNER UP: Marty Melville | AFP, Getty Images, Photosport NZ

John Cowpland | Alphapix, Photosport, Stuff
Martin de Ruyter | Nelson Mail / Stuff
Brett Phibbs | NZ Herald / NZME, Photosport, PhibbsVisuals

WINNER: Alan Gibson | Stuff – Wallaby Plague

JUDGES: Mike Bowers and William West

“Alan has beautifully executed and produced a strong Photographic Essay with graphic images of a difficult subject on a feral invasive species. This is not just a collection of pictures on the same subject he maintains a lovely variable cadence and tells a story through the photographs, the result is a powerful photographic  essay and is a deserving winner.

RUNNER UP: Braden Fastier | Stuff – Wellington anti mandate protests

Ryan Anderson | Stuff
Richard Robinson | New Zealand Geographic / Kōwhai Media

WINNER: Chris Skelton | Stuff

JUDGES: Phil Reid and Jason South

“Chris Skelton’s portfolio has everything – a wonderful eye for use of light, composition and colour resulting in a diverse well balanced portfolio showing the photographer can handle any news situation to produce a stunning set of images.”

Mark Mitchell | NZ Herald / NZME
Mike Scott | NZ Herald / NZME
Alden Williams | Stuff

Broadcast & Digital

WINNER: Vanishing Point with North & South Faultlines: Preparing for the rupture

JUDGES: Melissa Gardi and Zac Fleming

“North & South’s Faultlines was an immense, comprehensive undertaking that brought Kiwis exciting innovations that are usually only achievable by big international outlets with deeper pockets. Faultlines told a complex narrative in an accessible way, interwoven across platforms, and did an exceptional job of grabbing your attention — and then keeping it. The thoughtful use of graphics, video, animation, and still images was world-class and helped readers immersively explore a lesser-known but hugely important story. A masterclass in newsroom innovation.”

Farah Hancock | RNZ – Aotearoa’s Vanishing Species
Kate Newton and Felippe Rodrigues | Stuff – Heat and eat
Kate Newton and Felippe Rodrigues | Stuff – The thrill of The Chase

Between Two Beers – Steven Holloway, Seamus Marten
The Detail – Sharon Brettkelly, Emile Donovan, Sarah Robson, Bonnie Harrison, Mark Jennings
| and RNZ

JUDGES: Amanda Gillies and Lynn Freeman

“The judges couldn’t separate these entries – The Detail was slick, informative, hard hitting and fast paced, delving into the big news stories – Ukraine, the fall of league great Manu Vatuvei, and the protests outside parliament- the latter was a brilliant, emotive in-the-field podcast, which took audiences there.”

“Between Two Beers interviewed sporting greats Chris Cairns and Grant Fox, which were beautifully raw, honest and vulnerable interviews. The hosts probed when needed and drew equal measures of laughter and tears: The judges were impressed that the hosts made these two sporting greats feet so safe and understood, they felt able to share their emotions in this remarkable way.”

Straight Up with Niva and Beatrice – Niva Retimanu, Beatrice Faumuina, Josh Couch,  Ethan Sills, Will Parsonson, Stephanie Soh | NZME

WINNER: True Justice – Tommy Doran, Ana Chaya Scotney, Melody Thomas, Kirsten Johnstone | Popsock Media, JustSpeak, Re: News / TVNZ

JUDGES: Clare Rawlinson and Frank Ritchie

“The judges felt that True Justice brought nuanced insights into the justice system as told by people with first hand experiences. It did so with real journalistic rigour to provide credibility to those voices. It felt fresh, original and genuinely aimed at podcast audiences.”

Peter Ellis, the Creche Case & Me – Melanie Reid, Bonnie Sumner, Paul Enticott and Lewis Tennant |
The Commune – Adam Dudding, Eugene Bingham | Stuff
True Story – Adam Dudding, Eugene Bingham, Chris Reed | Stuff

WINNER: 1 News team and Te Karere / TVNZ – Parliament protest breaking coverage

JUDGES: Eric Janssen and John Gillespie

“A tough category to judge in that it entails far more than just striking footage. The judges also looked closely at the timeliness, and how much editing or packaging had been done post-shoot, compared to how much dedicated live coverage there was. Nailing it in every sense was TVNZ’s 1News and Te Karere teams with their compelling, immediate footage of police breaking up the protest at Parliament. This was an important, vibrant and skilled team effort in capturing this unfolding event.”

RUNNER UP: Thomas Mead and Mike Fitzgerald, 1 News / TVNZ – Pegasus Beach fire

Jared McCulloch, 1 News / TVNZ – Central Otago tornado
Monique Ford, Stuff – Criminal investigation, hazard check under way after Parliament occupation

WINNER: Fire and Fury – Stuff with Paula Penfold, Toby Longbottom, Louisa Cleave and Phil Johnson

JUDGES: Drew Ambrose, Jane Wrightson and Ngahuia Wade

“Great documentaries go beyond the scope of current affairs and dig deep into a story. In a highly competitive field, the winning team from Stuff Circuit hit the mark again. Fire And Fury takes us inside the barricades on an extraordinary day, and dives into how the protestors arrived armed with disinformation. With compelling characters and film-level production values, we were shown a multi-layered and sobering societal narrative that led to chaos and danger. Ka mau te wehi!”

A Date with Murder – SUNDAY / TVNZ
God Forbid – SUNDAY / TVNZ
Leaving Gloriavale – SUNDAY / TVNZ
Patrick Gower: On Booze – Three / Warner Bros. Discovery

WINNER:  Still HereRe: News / TVNZ with Litia Tuiburelevu, Torisse Laulu, Ursula Williams, Tim Flower and Joshua Yong

JUDGES: Drew Ambrose and Jane Wrightson

“This beautifully structured series captures Pasifika history in Auckland’s well heeled, gentrified inner suburbs. The judges were particularly impressed with the organic observational documentary approach which enables viewers to walk in the shoes of local residents. These intimate portraits are a rich intersection of the past and present that conveys with nuance what it means to be Pasifika in New Zealand.”

2000s Baby – Re: News / TVNZ
Loading Docs– and Notable Pictures
The Blue Wall – NZME
Waiata Anthems – TVNZ and Notable Pictures

WINNER: Chris Skelton | Stuff A child’s death, and a family’s nearly 40-year wait for ‘the truth’

JUDGES: Briar McCormack and Eric Janssen

“Nearly four decades on from Penny Tui Taputoro’s death, Chris Skelton brings her story to life through beautifully crafted filming and editing. Chris makes clever use of interviews, photos, and fly-on-the wall filming to capture the raw emotion and pain of a family desperately seeking answers. A powerful story which highlights how the justice system can fail a family who seek the truth, not punishment, so they can heal and get closure.”

Hadyn Jones | Fair Go / TVNZ – Container Scam
Baz Macdonald | Re: News / TVNZ – I’m getting top surgery to finally feel comfortable in my body
Zoe Madden-Smith | Re: News / TVNZ – My Christian fundamentalist upbringing in Auckland

WINNER: Baz Macdonald | Re: News / TVNZ

JUDGES: Briar McCormack and Chris Reason

“This was a very strong portfolio of work. Through clever storytelling Baz Macdonald humanises some of the more challenging issues society is grappling with. The stand out was Top Surgery. A beautifully crafted story which captured a level of intimacy and vulnerability that is rare to see. This issue is a complex and contentious topic in societies worldwide and this story broke down the complexity and politics with the most intimate of insights.

Hadyn Jones | Fair Go and Goodsorts / TVNZ
Zoe Madden-Smith | Re: News / TVNZ
Chris Skelton | Stuff

WINNER: Kristin Hall | SUNDAY / TVNZ

JUDGES: Janet McIntyre and Petra Bagust

“Kristin’s breakout story into long-form current affairs had seasoned colleagues in awe. Her expose of Rotorua’s emergency housing crisis had cut-through and clout, sitting high on the news agenda for weeks and forcing authorities to act. In stripping the shine off “the golden mile”, Kristin revealed a brave, gritty, dogged reporter with natural warmth and a resolve to make change. The gold goes to Kristin.

Garth Bray | Fair Go / TVNZ
Mava Moayyed | SUNDAY / TVNZ
Paula Penfold | Stuff
Melanie Reid |

WINNER: Tova O’Brien | Today FM / MediaWorks

JUDGES: Frank Ritchie and Robert Ovadia

“The judges recognised the journalistic feat of a scoop that invited the biggest news story on the globe into New Zealanders’ living rooms. It was audacious, well-executed, elegantly produced and exceptional in every sense of the word. The dignity and eloquence of the Queen’s funeral coverage was also a standout.

RUNNER UP: Michael Morrah | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery

Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | 1News / TVNZ
Simon Mercep | 1News / TVNZ


JUDGES: Adam Harley and Maryanne Ahern

“Powerful storytelling giving the audience a raw and real insight. Masterfully produced, impossible to ignore.

RUNNER UP: Newsroom Investigates |

Fair Go | TVNZ
Te Ao with Moana | Whakaata Māori
The Hui | GSTV and Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery


JUDGES: Erica Lloyd, Marc Dodd and Shane Taurima

“Excellent journalism during the week of judging. Very good use of video. Easy to navigate and strong growth in the past year.




JUDGES: Bryce Johns, Hal Crawford and Shane Taurima

“The Stuff app knows how to maximise the chances of its stories being read. Great hooks and headlines consistently. Highlights included its rolling coverage of the end of the Parliament siege, and subsequent investigation into the misinformation peddled by some involved. No wonder about a quarter of the country’s population (or equivalent) read on the app alone.

NZ Herald / NZME

All Media

WINNER: Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery with Lisette Reymer Russia – Ukraine conflict

JUDGES: Ali Ikram, Graeme Muir and Zac Fleming

“Lisette Reymer and Daniel Pannet gave Kiwis something they were unable to get from any other New Zealand newsroom — world-class, regular, on-the-ground coverage of the most globally consequential event of 2022. The storytelling was superb, the camerawork beautiful, and the dogged determination shown to overcome immense logistical difficulties and repeatedly revisit some of the most war-torn parts of Ukraine made this entry shine in a highly competitive category.”

TVNZ – Remembering Her Majesty, The Queen
Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery – Remembering Queen Elizabeth II
Stuff – The Parliament Occupation 2022

WINNER: John Campbell | 1News / TVNZ Peter Ellis exclusive interview

JUDGES: Kate Gourdie and Sam Ackerman

“An exceptional field of entrants, showing the high quality work done by so many journalists to uncover stories that make a difference in this country. John’s exclusive final interview with Peter Ellis allowed viewers to see and hear the toll one of the most famous cases in NZ history had taken on a man who was defiant in his innocence right until the end. John’s reputation and long-lasting relationship with his contact base provided an insight that made the Supreme Court’s decision even more poignant.”

David Farrier and Hayden Donnell | Webworm – The Downward Spiral of Arise Church
Jenna Lynch | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery – Gaurav Sharma – first exclusive interview
Tova O’Brien with Simon Morrow and Tom Day | Today FM / MediaWorks – Interview with Ukrainian President Zelensky
Simon Plumb | Stuff – The Kamahl Santamaria scandal

WINNER: Felippe Rodrigues | Stuff

JUDGES: Isabelle Oderberg and Sam Joiner

“Beautifully presented piece on New Zealand’s sinking coastlines; dogged investigative and data work on covid. A compelling combination making for a great entry and a deserved winner.”

Marc Daalder |
Farah Hancock | RNZ
Stuff Data Journalism Team with Kate Newton, Felippe Rodrigues and Alex Lim | Stuff

WINNER: Stuff The Whole Truth: Te Māramatanga

JUDGES: Kevin Calvert and Venetia Sherson

“At a time when damaging disinformation is rife on social media , this was a topical and outstanding campaign headed by a journalist trusted for his measured and deep dive reporting during Covid. The readership results demonstrate the value of information presented in an accessible, non-preachy and non-confrontational format. A very worthy winner.”

Rotorua Daily Post / NZME – Fighting for Rotorua
NZ Herald / NZME – Great Minds: The Search for Happiness
Stuff – Life Support

WINNER: Nicholas Jones | NZ Herald / NZME Aged care crisis

JUDGES: Andrew Holden and Phil Taylor

“No one should doubt the strength of New Zealand journalism given the wide range of excellent investigations among the 48 entries for this category. Nicholas Jones wins for his extensive background work, strong narrative and effective use of individual stories to explain the crisis in aged care. His investigation delivered for the sector, with the Government pledging $200m a year for pay parity and immediate residency for overseas nurses.”

Thomas Mead
| 1News / TVNZ – “Young and Bullied”, an investigation into Ashburton College
Simon Plumb
| Stuff – Kamahl Santamaria investigation

Jehan Casinader | Stuff – Wing 322
Ethan Griffiths | NZ Herald / NZME – The prosecution of Jayden Meyer
Emma Russell | NZ Herald / NZME – In Her Head

WINNER: David Farrier and Hayden Donnell | Webworm The Downward Spiral of Arise Church

JUDGES: Alan Sunderland and Ali Ikram

“This story was the result of a sustained investigation involving multiple sources, and was pursued despite strong resistance and push back. It was widely followed up by other media outlets and a major impact, leading to the resignation of key figures in the church. A thorough and compelling journalistic investigation.”

Kristin Hall, Del Byast, Andrew Dalton and Tory Evans | TVNZ – Golden Mile
Hannah Martin, Blair Ensor, Edward Gay, Catrin Owen and James Halpin | Stuff – Imposter doctor forged documents to gain employment
Mike White and Blair Ensor | Stuff – Police CIPEM interviewing technique

WINNER: Rachael King |

JUDGES: Gilbert Wong and Sonya Wilson

“This is a writer completely engaged with the works she is reviewing and with the literary and wider cultural world they are being released into.The depth of knowledge she is able to draw on is impressive and wide-ranging; whether reviewing creative non-fiction, literary fiction or children’s middle-grade novels, in each of her reviews Rachel manages to pack in personal, specific and meaningful detail as well as plenty of the big picture stuff — the full cultural context of each of the books is made clear to the reader in a very thoughtful and entertaining manner.”

RUNNER UP: Steve Braunias |

Claire Mabey | The Spinoff
Graham Reid | NZ Listener / Are Media

WINNER: Katie Ham | Stuff and Capsule NZ

JUDGES: Coen Lammers and Mike Fletcher

“Katie Ham has the keys to success. Her portfolio demonstrated an acute sense for news and strong skills in story-telling. Katie understands the importance of human interest.”

Emma Andrews | Taranaki Daily News / Stuff
Anna Sargent | RNZ and Stuff
Gregor Thompson | North & South

WINNER: D’Angelo Martin | The Hui / GSTV and Newshub

JUDGES: Anna Fifield and Paul Hobbs

“D’Angelo Martin’s work stood out in a crowded field not only because he upholds the core missions of journalism – holding the powerful to account and giving voice to the seldom-heard – but also because his passion for storytelling and his manaakitanga shine through.”

RUNNER UP: Pete McKenzie | North & South

Ethan Griffiths | NZ Herald / NZME
Katie Harris | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Kwok Yi Lee | Stuff – Matariki 2022 front page; Budget 2022 front page; Money IQ March 2022 cover

JUDGES: Vasanti Unka and William Chen

“The submissions show confidently expressed ideas. The illustrations give a clear message allowing the viewer to grasp complex issues immediately. Strong compositons with a definate colour palette. The illustrative style resonates with the target audience.”

RUNNER UP: Anna Crichton | NZ Listener, Life & Leisure

Newshub Graphics team | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery
Giselle Clarkson | New Zealand Geographic / Kōwhai Media
Toby Morris | The Spinoff
Sarah Gladwell | Here / SFG Media

WINNER: Thomas Bywater | NZ Herald Travel / NZME

JUDGES: Ewan McDonald and Tracey Bond

Our winner is Thomas Bywater of the New Zealand Herald / Thomas’ portfolio presented entries from a range of media, including the written word, videos and podcast. He took us on his first steps on the Paparoa Track, with video and photography from ancient beech forests, to the contradictions of Lord Howe Island’s conservation and tourism practices, and the broad sweep of his podcast on how Antarctica’s main industry has changed from science to tourism when we weren’t looking. Throughout, Thomas speaks and writes in his own unique voice. We think Gordon McLauchlan would have approved. Our congratulations to the two runners-up, Jacqui Gibson and Alan Granville.”

Jacqui Gibson
| Wilderness; NZ Herald Travel; Heritage NZ
Alan Granville | Stuff

Siobhan Downes | Stuff
Lorna Thornber | Stuff

WINNER: Lydia Lewis | RNZ

JUDGES: David Vaeafe and Joanna Bourke

“The judges said the Greek girl learning about reporting in the Pacific (as she calls herself) portfolio of work covered an election crisis in Vanuatu, a Tokelaun family under tunoa during the Covid-19 jab, and Tonga rejoices after the internet was restored. Her work showed skills in bringing together all the voices around the stories to give the pieces balanced and objective narratives.”

RUNNER UP: Zahra Shahtahmasebi | New Zealand Doctor / The Health Media

Vaimoana Mase | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Mihingarangi Forbes | The Hui / GSTV and Newshub

JUDGES: Koro Vaka’uta and Mike McRoberts

“Mihi provides a master class in interviewing and story telling with a level of mātauranga Māori that navigates some very weighty subjects. Her perseverance and determination to “tell the story” adds to the viewers engagement.”

RUNNER UP: Aaron Smale |, North & South, Stuff

Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | 1News / TVNZ
Hikurangi Jackson | Te Ao with Moana / Whakaata Māori

WINNER: Moana Maniapoto | Te Ao with Moana / Whakaata Māori

JUDGES: Perlina Lau and Vicki Anderson

“In a category of high-quality entries and an eclectic range of stories, Moana Maniapoto’s pieces were captivating and revealed a fresh side to her subjects. Her interviewing style and warmth made for engaging viewing. The high-production value added to the overall polish.”

RUNNER UP: Steve Braunias |, NZ Herald / NZME

Sam Brooks | The Spinoff
Te Rina Kowhai | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery
Kate Rodger | Newshub and The Project / Warner Bros. Discovery
Mike White | Stuff

WINNER: Melanie Reid |

JUDGES: Jane Young and Kate Gourdie

“The judges have recognised the extraordinary story-telling skills of Mel Reid who has taken us on a journey to the heart of Peter Ellis who was tried, convicted and, eventually, innocent. Mel’s tenacity was on full display in the raw, cringeworthy questions she asked him back in the 90s and the compelling narrative she wove with the 30 years of interview tapes she’d kept.  Mel proved how she ‘owned’ this story from start to finish.”

Kurt Bayer \ NZ Herald / NZME
Mava Moayyed | SUNDAY / TVNZ
Mike White | Stuff

WINNER: Farah Hancock | RNZ

JUDGES: Sarah-Jane O’Connor and Veronika Meduna

“The judges were impressed with the high quality of entries in this category. Farah Hancock stood out because she skilfully incorporates storytelling and data journalism to tell compelling, accessible stories about overlooked or untold subjects while not shying away from complexity. In fact, she uses data visualisations to embrace complexity and weave it through her stories.”

RUNNER UP: Charlie Mitchell | Stuff

Marc Daalder |
Kate Evans | New Zealand Geographic / Kōwhai Media
Te Rina Kowhai | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery
Olivia Wannan | Stuff

WINNER: Lisette Reymer | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery

JUDGES: Gordon Harcourt and Scott Campbell

“Lisette Reymer was one the first reporters on the ground for a New Zealand organisation and her very personal account of the realities of war made her stories powerful and compelling. Her calm and genuine approach to reporting allowed the story to do the talking rather than over-hyping it. Her commitment (and that of Discovery/Newshub) to telling the story is a credit to them both.”


Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | 1News / TVNZ
Baz Macdonald | Re: News / TVNZ
Kate MacNamara | NZ Herald / NZME
Nadine Porter | The Press and Stuff

WINNER: Alex Casey | The Spinoff

JUDGES: Eleanor Black and Josie Steenhart

“Alex submitted an impressively varied, thoroughly reported and very well written portfolio. We particularly enjoyed the unexpected angles she took and her unique voice.”

Kim Knight | Viva and Herald on Sunday / NZME
Baz Macdonald | Re: News / TVNZ

WINNER: Oliver Lewis | BusinessDesk / NZME

JUDGES: Clive Lind and Richard Harman

“The judges said all entries were professional although they would have liked to have seen more display a willingness to take on bigger local government issues. Oliver’s entry stood out because he broke big stories.”

Mary Anne Gill | Cambridge News, Te Awamutu News / Good Local Media
Tina Law | The Press / Stuff
David Williams |

WINNER: Jamie Morton | NZ Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Barbara Fountain and Nicola Gaston

“Against a background of quality science journalism, Jamie’s entries provide great examples of wonderful storytelling and display an ability to put people at the heart of the science. He brings a level of nuance not seen in other coverage of the topics he has chosen, and canvasses a diverse range of voices, creating science coverage that is both sophisticated and accessible.”

Claire Concannon | RNZ
Kate Evans | New Zealand Geographic / Kōwhai Media
Farah Hancock | RNZ
Nikki Macdonald | The Dominion Post / Stuff
Nikki Mandow |

WINNER: Nicholas Jones | NZ Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Sue Ahearn and Tina Wickcliffe

“An outstanding body of work, visceral yet empathetic – Nick’s feature report of the Ukraine invasion as told through the eyes of a Kiwi medic was crafted at personal risk and cost, proving journalism is an innate calling. Your reports on aged care and forced adoption were masterfully crafted. An important voice in New Zealand journalism.”

RUNNER UP: Emma Russell | NZ Herald / NZME

Katie Doyle | Stuff
Kristin Hall | SUNDAY / TVNZ

WINNER: Nikki Macdonald | The Dominion Post / Stuff

JUDGES: Andrew Pirie and Owen Poland

“Macdonald’s portfolio contained cleverly written and thought-provoking articles on topical issues, such as the potential use of GE in New Zealand and the contradictions in Wellington’s earthquake classifications, that were well researched and complimented with a good range of case studies and comment from relevant stakeholders.”

Dileepa Fonseka | Stuff
Nikki Mandow |
Martin van Beynen | Stuff

WINNER: Shaun Yeo | Otago Daily Times / Allied Press

JUDGES: Bruce Mahalski and Ian Grant

“Something extra always jumps out of Shaun Yeo’s work. Not only are his cartoons expertly executed in a range of different styles (some evoking earlier eras) but one is always impressed by his skill set and the deft way he conveys his messages. Shaun’s work is among some of some of the best editorial cartoons the judges have seen either here or overseas and he’s a very worthy winner of this year’s competition.”

Sharon Murdoch | Stuff
Chris Slane | NZ Listener / Are Media

WINNER: Caroline Williams | Stuff

JUDGES: Mike Fletcher and Sarah Dunn

“Williams is clearly curious and persistent, digging deeper to widen a point of interest into a lens on her community. She has a crisp style and dry wit.”

Ripu Bhatia
| Stuff
Kelley Tantau
| The Valley Profile

Rob Drent | The Devonport Flagstaff
Mary Anne Gill | Cambridge News, Te Awamutu News / Good Local Media
Justin Latif | The Spinoff
Matthew Martin | Stuff

WINNER: Karen Rutherford | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery

JUDGES: Hamish Clark and Rick Neville

“This reporter proved you don’t have to be based in a main centre to get big stories. Karen Rutherford used her investigative skills and local contacts in the Waikato to break stories which captured not only local but national attention. From tracking down the survivors of the Enchanter sinking, finding the ex-wife of the Marakopa disappearing father, changing a government decision to close a special school, to a searing expose of hellish conditions in Hamilton’s emergency housing, hers was an outstanding portfolio.”

RUNNER UP: Natalie Akoorie | NZ Herald / NZME

Kelly Makiha | Rotorua Daily Post / NZME
Grant Miller | Otago Daily Times / Allied Press

WINNER: Audrey Young | NZ Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Keith Davies and Leigh Pearson

“Audrey Young’s portfolio is a masterclass in political journalism.  It showcased magnificent storytelling shaped by knowledge and experience. Her Louisa Wall interview carried impact while her interview with Winston Peters was agenda-setting.  She did the legwork to assess progress on Labour’s manifesto commitments and her analysis of the Peter Ellis Supreme Court case was insightful. This is a political journalist at the top of her game.”

Amelia Wade | Newshub / Warner Bros. Discovery
Claire Trevett | NZ Herald / NZME
Luke Malpass | Stuff

WINNER: Dana Johannsen | Stuff

JUDGES: Bernadine Oliver-Kerby and John Daniell

“Dana’s portfolio demonstrated exceptional breadth and depth, she is clearly trusted by sources across a range of sports and turns valuable insights from athletes and administrators into reporting that shows us not just what happens on the field, but what goes on behind the scenes.”

Madeleine Chapman | The Spinoff
Dylan Cleaver | The Bounce, The Spinoff
Suzanne McFadden |
Christopher Reive | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Janine Fenwick | Stuff

JUDGES: Michael Muir, Michael Boggs, Grant Mackenzie, Sinead Boucher

“Janine is unfailingly energetic and passionate about delivering for audiences, and a committed leader for her people. She has led and inspired Stuff’s national newsroom to produce a daily roster of excellent, engaging journalism and content that has seen it become the number one website in the country. “

Alanah Eriksen | Herald on Sunday / NZME
Janine Fenwick | Stuff
Amanda Linnell | Viva, NZ Herald / NZME
Rhonwyn Newson | RNZ
Andrea Vance | Stuff


WINNER: Carla Amos | Stuff

JUDGES: Alan Sunderland and Alan Young

“Once again, the number of entries in this category was disappointingly small, but the winner stood out with a portfolio of well-crafted headlines, using eyecatching wordplays to adroitly draw the reader to the stories and encapsulate their content.”

Tim Murphy |
Roger Parker | Wairarapa-Times Age
Nicholas Sorensen | NZ Herald and Weekend Herald / NZME

WINNER: Sunday Star-Times | Stuff

JUDGES: Eric Janssen and Glenn Conway

“This was a very competitive category with several standout entries. The judges first assessed the newsworthiness of the article/s, then the balance and mix of words and images, and finally the overall “buy me” factor. Even then the four finalists were close, but the Sunday Star-Times wins it for often featuring content on its front that is not the obvious choice of the day or week.

Ashburton Guardian
NZ Herald | NZME
Sunday News | Stuff
Sunday Star-Times | Stuff

WINNER: Sunday | Stuff

JUDGES: Megan Nicol Reed and Michelle Hurley

“With timely and informed cover stories, a playful and pleasing design, seamless use of te reo Māori throughout, and intelligent fashion, Sunday is engaging from beginning to end. In a close-run contest, these elements combined to give it the edge this year.

RUNNER UP: Canvas | NZ Herald / NZME


JUDGES: Melissa Gardi and Sally Duggan

“Re: News is a fresh, new voice in our media landscape, delivering stories that you just don’t see anywhere else. Cross-platform journalism is not an afterthought for Re:News: it’s their DNA, and the impressive new talent they have attracted produces news that is perfectly tailored for a audience of under 35 year olds.

RUNNER UP: The National Business Review

Farmers Weekly | AgriHQ
New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa | The Health Media
Shit You Should Care About, Daily

WINNER: Stacy Gregg | The Spinoff – The Māoris from the Town Side of the River

JUDGES: Noelle McCarthy and Sido Kitchin

“A sharply observed, relentlessly entertaining exploration of the emotional high stakes of language reclamation. An unexpected- and very funny- opening scene grabs the reader from the first sentence, setting the tone for a consideration of racism and identity that expertly balances comedy and sadness.

RUNNER UP:  Fergus Porteous | – At the Lake

Kelly Ana Morey | – Meet Me At The Melba
Emma Espiner | The Spinoff – On the Frontline
Sara Qasem | Re: News / TVNZ – Forgiveness is Not a Tidy Grave

WINNER: Andrea Vance | Sunday Star-Times / Stuff

JUDGES: Linda Sanders and Rebecca Wright

“Andrea’s columns sparkled among the field this year – they are insightful, thoughtful, informed and delivered in a readable conversational style.

RUNNER UP: Josie Pagani | Dominion Post, The Press / Stuff

Aroha Awarau | NZ Listener / Are Media
Connie Buchanan | E-Tangata
Rachel Smalley | The National Business Review

WINNER: Vaimoana Mase | NZ Herald / NZME

JUDGES: Clive Lind and Shaun Bamber

“The judges said while entries were of a generally high standard, some read more like news stories with some comments rather than individual thinking. Vaimoana’s entry was a fresh voice that stood out, bringing a different perspective to the topics at hand.

Madeleine Chapman | The Spinoff
Dylan Cleaver | The Bounce, The Spinoff
Kate MacNamara | NZ Herald / NZME

WINNER: Michelle Duff | Stuff Who is millionaire philanthropist Chloe Wright?

JUDGES: Aimie Cronin and Hannah Brown

“A piece of high public interest; a fascinating read, honest, gripping, well-researched, well-written and original, Michelle Duff is fighting the good fight. This is feature writing at its best.

RUNNER UP:  Madeleine Chapman | The Spinoff – Finding Heath Davis

Steve Braunias | NZ Herald / NZME – A man of mystery and exile
David Fisher | NZ Herald / NZME – How $19m nearly crushed Lotto winner – and the clairvoyant who ‘conned’ him
Pete McKenzie | North & South – Argo II

WINNER: Mike White | Stuff Framed for Murder: The undercover operation that went too far.

JUDGES: Alan Young and Donna Chisholm

“The judges were impressed with the quality of all entries this year, but Mike White was a clear winner, both for exposing the police undercover operation that resulted in a serious miscarriage of justice, and for the quality of his writing and the depth of his research.

Steve Braunias | NZ Herald / NZME – The Innocent Agent
Guyon Espiner | RNZ – Police Who Killed Were Given Evidence in Advance

WINNER: Alex Spence | NZ Herald / NZME Losing Cassandra

JUDGES: Isabelle Oderberg and Keri Welham

“Losing Cassandra was long-form journalism at its absolute peak. A story of heartbreak gave way to unique insights into mental health care and the way patients are falling through its cracks. The reporter worked hard in pursuit of a story that detailed the complexities of Cassandra’s journey while revealing, with excruciating honesty, the devastation of those left behind.

RUNNER UP: Nikki Macdonald | Stuff – Premmies

Michelle Duff | Stuff – Making Niko
Hannah Martin | Stuff – To My Darlings

WINNER: Pete McKenzie | North & South, New Zealand Geographic

JUDGES: Irene Chapple and Sarah Henry

“Pete McKenzie’s writing is as brave as it is brilliant. His articles are original, intriguing and hugely compelling. He understands the beauty of detail, and the importance of context. His portfolio was complex yet entertaining and informative. Pete’s winning of this award is richly deserved.

RUNNER UP: Shanti Mathias | The Spinoff

Jake Kenny | Stuff
Steven Walton | Stuff

WINNER: Guyon Espiner | RNZ

JUDGES: Sally Duggan and Deborah Coddington

“Three difficult topics boldly tackled and highly relevant to all New Zealanders. Espiner’s thorough research and clear writing style made for compelling reading, uncovering startling information which might surprise many. An agenda-setting, stand-out portfolio.

RUNNER UP: Carolyne Meng-Yee | NZ Herald / NZME

Nicholas Jones | NZ Herald / NZME
Danyl McLauchlan | NZ Listener / Are Media
Pete McKenzie | New Zealand Geographic, North & South

WINNER: Kate Evans | New Zealand Geographic / Kōwhai Media

JUDGES: Anthony Byrt and Tess McClure

“Kate Evans has a rare ability to pull readers deep into a story from the very first sentence. Combining impeccable reporting, genuine human warmth and an attention to the fine craft of feature writing, Kate’s portfolio this year was a standout. It also demonstrated her deep commitment to one of Aotearoa’s most urgent environmental issues: the health and wellbeing of the oceans we all have a responsibility to protect.

Alex Casey | The Spinoff
George Driver | North & South
Aaron Smale | North & South,, Stuff

WINNER: Ashburton Guardian

JUDGES: Ewan McDonald and Rick Neville

“The Guardian has successfully transitioned from a daily to a thrice-weekly community paper, producing a highly professional publication which takes seriously its role as a community leader. Combining well-written local stories, excellent photography and layout, the Guardian tries that much harder than many of its peers with strong local leaders (not afraid to take a poke at city hall), cartoons, heritage, sport and farming news. A worthy winner..

RUNNER UP: Mahurangi Matters / Local Matters

The Beacon
The Devonport Flagstaff
Wairarapa Midweek

WINNER: Nelson Mail | Stuff

JUDGES: Janetta Mackay, Jim Tully and Pamela Stirling

“The Nelson Mail impressed with its richly-textured and inclusive reporting.  This is a well-edited newspaper with a strong sense of leadership on local issues – whether it be calling out local body candidates with links to conspiracy theories,  providing urgent information during a flooding crisis, or smashing stereotypes of Kiwis with Chinese heritage.

Bay of Plenty Times | NZME
Rotorua Daily Post | NZME
Waikato Times | Stuff

WINNER: The Weekend Press | Stuff

JUDGES: Janetta Mackay, Jim Tully and Pamela Stirling

“The Weekend Press is a standout offering. It not only delivers hard-hitting reporting of scams, abuse and injustices but also presents compelling in-depth features, useful lifestyle content, insightful profiles and opinion aplenty.

Sunday Star-Times | Stuff
The Weekend | Press Stuff
Weekend Herald | NZME


JUDGES: Janetta Mackay, Jim Tully and Pamela Stirling

“No other newspaper has done more this year to shine a spotlight on vulnerable sections of its community than the Herald.  Its investigations into the mental health crisis, botched surgeries and the court outcomes for young rape victims challenged authorities and demanded action.  This is agenda-setting watchdog journalism.

NZ Herald | NZME
Otago Daily Times | Allied Press
The Dominion Post | Stuff


JUDGES: Janetta Mackay, Jim Tully and Pamela Stirling

“TIn the face of profound challenges to newspapers globally, the New Zealand Herald provides a confident model of boldly-displayed, high-quality journalism.  By highlighting the human face of important issues, this newspaper creates a real connection with the readers and country it serves.

Nelson Mail | Stuff
The Weekend Press | Stuff

WINNER: Pete McKenzie | North & South, New Zealand Geographic

JUDGES: Eric Janssen and Olivia Carville

“Pete’s portfolio was the standout among excellent entries – and the judges’ unanimous winner. Each of his articles was crafted meticulously, and rich in depth, breadth and clarity. His detailed story-telling is a delight to read, and a very deserved winner of this category.

Eugene Bingham | Stuff
Anusha Bradley | RNZ
David Fisher | NZ Herald / NZME