• Best artist/graphic design
    Ella Bates-Hermans | stuff.co.nz – Hot Air Sucks!; Tell Me About It; Covid-19 Illustration
    Sarah Gladwell | Here/SFG Media – Here design approach – print, digital and social media platforms
    Alex Lim | Stuff – We, the 6535 signed; Climate worriers; Our Truth, Tā Mātou Pono: The truth about Aotearoa
    Toby Morris with Siouxsie Wiles | The Spinoff – Covid-19 Variants; Covid-19 Transmission 101; The Emmental Cheese Model
    Vinay Ranchhod | RNZ – Women struggle for treatment; Grieving mum not eligible for help; Eating disorder waiting lists
    Sacha Wackrow | Sunday, Sunday Star-Times/Stuff – Re-design of Sunday magazine
  • Best coverage of a major news event
    NZ Herald/NZME – Auckland mall terror attack
    Newshub/Discovery NZ with Michael Morrah – Covid deaths in home isolation
    Stuff – Delta outbreak
    NZ Herald/NZME with Kurt Bayer – The fall of Afghanistan
  • Best data journalism
    Joanne Butcher, Kate Newton, John Harford, Thomas Kliem, Colleen O’Hanlon | Stuff – Sweet Spots
    Marc Daalder | newsroom.co.nz – The stark inequity of the vaccine rollout; Why our summers feel so much hotter; Calculating NZ’s renewable electricity gap
    Andy Fyers | BusinessDesk – The glaring gaps in our vaccine rollout; Hundreds of allocated MIQ rooms sit empty; Covid-19 cases in MIQ: Where did they arrive from?
    Farah Hancock, Vinay Ranchhod, Cole Eastham-Farrelly | RNZ – Who’s eating New Zealand?; Legal aid debt; Covid in daily numbers
    Alex Lim, Kate Newton, Felippe Rodrigues | Stuff – Projects Team: Covid-19 NZ – When will each DHB reach 90 per cent?; A tale of two pandemics; Covid-19: the difference using the Covid tracer app makes
    Kate Newton, Hannah Martin, Henry Cooke, Keith Lynch | Stuff – Covid in Charts: NZ’s vaccine roll-out in 12 charts as traffic light system looms; NZ’s vaccine roll-out explained in 12 charts, as vaccine target finally unveiled; NZ’s Delta outbreak and hospitalisations in 14 graphs
    Chris McDowall, Keith Ng | NZ Herald/NZME – NZ Herald Vaccine Tracker; 40 years of sky-high house prices; Transmission Gully
  • Best editorial campaign or project
    Ashburton Guardian – Shop Smart, Shop Local
    NZ Herald/NZME – The 90% Project
    NZ Herald/NZME – The Brains Trust
    The Hui/GSTV and Newshub/Discovery NZ – The Fight for Tipene Halford’s Release
    Stuff – The Whole Truth
    Stuff – This Is How it Ends
  • Best innovation in digital storytelling – sponsored by Google News Initiative
    NZ Herald/NZME – Transmission Gully: Your chance to fly through
    RNZ – Who’s eating New Zealand?
    Stuff Circuit/Stuff – Deleted
    stuff.co.nz – A reconstruction of 20,000 years of Earth’s temperature
  • Best individual investigation
    Tom Dillane | NZ Herald/NZME – Olivia Podmore investigation
    Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | RNZ – Police using app to photograph innocent youth
    Melanie Reid | newsroom.co.nz – Oranga Tamariki whistleblower investigation
    Jared Savage | NZ Herald/NZME – NZ’s Meth Crisis
  • Best team investigation
    newsroom.co.nz – Fiji: coral reef surf waves
    Stuff – We Need to Talk
    Stuff – The Lake
    North & South – The Nazi who built Mount Hutt
  • Best Reviewer
    Steve Braunias | newsroom.co.nz
    Philip Matthews | newsroom.co.nz
    Anna Rankin | Metro, RNZ
    Simon Wilson | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Best reporting – arts and culture
    Steve Braunias | newsroom.co.nz, NZ Herald/NZME
    Emily Brookes | stuff.co.nz
    André Chumko | Stuff, Dominion Post
    Mark Crysell | Sunday/TVNZ
    Kim Knight | Weekend Herald/NZME
    Moana Maniapoto | Te Ao with Moana/Māori Television
  • Best reporting – crime and justice
    Kirsty Johnston | Stuff
    Rob Kidd | Otago Daily Times/Allied Press
    Anna Leask | NZ Herald/NZME
    Jared Savage | NZ Herald/NZME
    Sam Sherwood | The Press/Stuff
  • Best reporting – environment
    Eloise Gibson | Stuff
    Farah Hancock | RNZ
    Nikki Macdonald | stuff.co.nz
    Alison Smith | Hauraki-Coromandel Post, NZ Herald/NZME
    David Williams | newsroom.co.nz
  • Best reporting – general
    Kurt Bayer | NZ Herald/NZME
    Mark Crysell | Sunday/TVNZ
    Michelle Duff | Stuff
    Patrick Gower | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Moana Maniapoto | Te Ao with Moana/Māori Television
    Jamie Morton | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Best reporting – lifestyle
    Kim Knight | Weekend Herald, Viva, Travel/NZME
    Glenn McConnell | Stuff
    Kaitlin Ruddock | Fair Go/TVNZ
    Juliette Sivertsen | NZ Herald/NZME, Stuff
    Lorna Thornber | stuff.co.nz
  • Best reporting – local government
    Felix Desmarais | Rotorua Daily Post/NZME
    Tom Hunt | Stuff
    Emily Ireland | Wairarapa Times-Age/National Media
    Steve Kilgallon | Sunday Star-Times/Stuff
  • Best reporting – Māori affairs
    Kirsty Babington | Te Ao with Moana/Māori Television
    Mihingarangi Forbes | The Hui/GSTV and Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | RNZ
    Florence Kerr | Stuff
    Aaron Smale | newsroom.co.nz
    Tony Wall | Stuff
  • Best reporting – science – sponsored by Science Media Centre
    Marc Daalder | newsroom.co.nz
    Eloise Gibson | Stuff
    Veronika Meduna | NZ Listener, NZ Geographic, The Spinoff
    Charlie Mitchell | Stuff
    Jamie Morton | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Best reporting – social issues, including health and education
    Mark Crysell | Sunday/TVNZ
    Nicholas Jones | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Business Journalist of the Year – sponsored by Spark NZ
    Nikki Macdonald | Dominion Post, stuff.co.nz
    Nikki Mandow | newsroom.co.nz
    Thomas Mead | 1 News/TVNZ
    Jonathan Milne | newsroom.co.nz
    Matt Nippert | NZ Herald/NZME
    Jane Phare | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Cartoonist of the Year
    Jeff Bell | Dominion Post and Stuff
    Guy Body | NZ Herald/NZME
    Rod Emmerson | NZ Herald/NZME
    Sharon Murdoch | Stuff Media
    Chris Slane | NZ Listener/Are Media
  • Community Journalist of the Year
    Sinead Gill | Manawatū Standard/Stuff
    Justin Latif | The Spinoff
    Caroline Williams | Stuff
  • Political Journalist of the Year
    Thomas Coughlan | Stuff and NZ Herald/NZME
    Jenna Lynch | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Jo Moir | newsroom.co.nz
    Tova O’Brien | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Claire Trevett | NZ Herald/NZME
    Audrey Young | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Regional Journalist of the Year
    Felix Desmarais | Rotorua Daily Post/NZME
    Sinead Gill | Manawatū Standard/Stuff
    Rob Kidd | Otago Daily Times/Allied Press
    Ellen O’Dwyer | Waikato Times/Stuff
  • Sports Journalist of the Year – sponsored by Sky Sport
    Dylan Cleaver | The Bounce
    Hikurangi Jackson | Te Ao with Moana/Māori Television
    Dana Johannsen | Stuff
    Neil Reid | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Best Student Journalist – sponsored by News Publishers’ Association
    Kristie Boland | Stuff
    Hanna McCallum | The Press/Stuff
    Emily Moorhouse | Stuff and NZ Herald/NZME
    Jem Traylen | BusinessDesk
  • Best Junior Reporter
    Caley Callahan | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    D’Angelo Martin | The Hui/GSTV and Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Pete McKenzie | newsroom.co.nz
    Samantha OIley | RNZ
    Adam Pearse | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Editorial Leader of the Year
    Lucy Blakiston | Shit You Should Care About
    Hamish Fletcher | NZ Herald/NZME
    Stephanie Holmes | NZ Herald/NZME
    Teresa Ramsey | The Valley Profile
    Veronica Schmidt | RNZ
    Jane Skinner | Sunday/TVNZ

  •  Best breaking news video
    Monique Ford, Stuff – Australia travel bubble opens
    Craig Baxter, Otago Daily Times/Allied Press – Dunedin Countdown Stabbing
    Jessica Mutch McKay, TVNZ – Leadership Spill
    Barbara Dreaver, TVNZ – MIQ Pasifika Treatment
    Laura Tupou, Newshub/Discovery NZ – Papatoetoe tornado
  • Best current affairs programme
    newsroom investigates/newsroom.co.nz – Whistleblower; Apocalypse Down; Rainforest
    Sunday/TVNZ – Love-Loss-Lockdown; Cattle Stop; Ellen’s List
    Te Ao with Moana/Māori Television – Poutawa Kireka; Joe Williams; Terri Friesen
  • Best documentary
    Newshub Investigates/Discovery NZ – Delta
    Sunday/TVNZ – Head Games
    NZ Herald/NZME – The Brains Trust
    Sunday/TVNZ – This is Us
    RNZ and Coconet TV – Untold Pacific History
  • Best feature video (single video journalist)
    Ross Giblin | Stuff – Frances Stewart
    Mike Scott | NZ Herald/NZME – Alicia O’Reilly Cold Case – DNA Breakthrough
    Rosa Woods | Stuff – The Whaanga Sisters
    Christel Yardley | Stuff – The Gift
  • Best podcast – episodic/recurrent
    William Ray, Marc Chesterman, Phil Benge, Tim Watkin, Steve Burridge | RNZ – Black Sheep
    Glenn McConnell, John Daniell, Noelle McCarthy, Andre Upston, Patrick Crewdson, Adam Dudding, Carol Hirschfeld | Stuff – He’ll be Right
    Finn Hogan, Hannah Brown, Sam Harvey, Ben O’Connor | Newshub Nation/Discovery NZ – Supplementary Question
    Wilhelmina Shrimpton, Sam Harvey | Newshub/Discovery NZ – The Pivot
    Olivia Shivas, Rebecca Dubber, Grace Stratton, Adam Dudding | Stuff – What’s Wrong With You?
  • Best podcast – narrative/serial
    Michael Wright, Margaret Gordon, Marc Greenhill, Adam Dudding | Stuff – Collapse
    Tim Watkin, Liz Garton, Joseph Stockhausen, Pauline Stockhausen, Hamish Coleman-Ross, Ian Havill, Flo Wilson | RNZ – Let’s Be TRANSparent
    Brad Flahive, Alex Liu, Carol Hirschfeld | Stuff – Once a Panther
    Aaron Smale, Kirsten Johnstone, Melody Thomas | Popsock Media and Stuff – The Lake
  • Video Journalist of the Year – sponsored by NZ On Air
    Ross Giblin | Stuff
    Cass Marrett | Re: News
    Iain McGregor | Stuff
    Ash Robinson | NZ Farmers Weekly/GlobalHQ
    Liam van Eeden | Re: News
  • Broadcast Reporter of the Year – News
    Patrick Gower | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Kristin Hall | 1 News/TVNZ
    Thomas Mead | 1 News/TVNZ
    Michael Morrah | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Tova O’Brien | Newshub/Discovery NZ
  • Broadcast Reporter of the Year – Current Affairs
    Mark Crysell | Sunday/TVNZ
    Moana Maniapoto | Te Ao with Moana/Māori Television
    Melanie Reid | newsroom.co.nz
    Tania Page | Sunday/TVNZ
    Paula Penfold | Stuff Circuit/Stuff

  •  Best photography – features
    Braden Fastier | Nelson Mail/Stuff
    Vanessa Laurie | Taranaki Daily News/Stuff
    Babiche Martens | Viva, NZ Herald/NZME
    Chris Skelton | Stuff
    David White | Stuff
  • Best photography – news
    Martin de Ruyter | Nelson Mail/Stuff
    Brett Phibbs | NZ Herald/NZME, PhibbsVisuals
    Chris Skelton | Stuff
    Kevin Stent | Stuff, Dominion Post
    Ricky Wilson | Stuff
  • Best photography – sport
    Joe Allison | Freelance/Getty Images
    Andrew Cornaga | Photosport
    John Cowpland | Photosport, NZME, Stuff
    Iain McGregor | Stuff
    Brett Phibbs | NZ Herald/NZME, Photosport
  • Best photo-story/essay
    Azita Agnew | Re: News
    Robert Kitchin | Dominion Post/Stuff
    Becki Moss | Re: News
    Richard Robinson | NZ Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Mike Scott | NZ Herald/NZME
    Lawrence Smith | stuff.co.nz
  • Photographer of the Year – sponsored by Canon
    Ross Giblin | Dominion Post and Stuff
    George Heard | NZ Herald/NZME
    Stephen Jaquiery | Otago Daily Times/Allied Press
    Brett Phibbs | NZ Herald/NZME, PhibbsVisuals, Photosport
    Kevin Stent | Dominion Post and Stuff
    David White | Stuff
    Ricky Wilson | Stuff

  •  Best headline or hook
    James Belfield | Sunday Star-Times and Sunday News/Stuff
    Stewart Hunt | Stuff
    Richard Ives | Stuff
    Nicholas Sorensen | NZ Herald and Weekend Herald/NZME
    Tom Taylor | Wairarapa Times-Age/National Media
  • Best newspaper front page
    Herald on Sunday/NZME
    Stuff (across daily newspapers): This Is How It Ends
    The Press/Stuff
    Weekend Herald/NZME
  • Best newspaper magazine
    Your Weekend/Stuff
  • Community Newspaper of the Year
    Ashburton Guardian
    Gulf News
    Kāpiti News/NZME
    Oamaru Mail/Allied Press
    The Beacon/Beacon Publishing
    The Star (Dunedin)/Allied Press
    The Valley Profile
  • Metropolitan Newspaper of the Year
    NZ Herald/NZME
    The Press/Stuff
  • Regional Newspaper of the Year
    Nelson Mail/Stuff
    Rotorua Daily Post/NZME
    Wairarapa Times-Age/National Media
  • Weekly Newspaper of the Year
    NZ Farmers Weekly/GlobalHQ
    The Weekend Press/Stuff
    Weekend Herald/NZME
  • News App of the Year
    NZ Herald/NZME
  • News Website of the Year – sponsored by Voyager Internet
  • Best feature writing – general
    Steve Braunias | NZ Herald/NZME – The lost and found
    Madeleine Chapman | North & South – $1 billion and counting
    Tom Dillane | NZ Herald/NZME – What happened to Olivia Podmore?
    Florence Kerr | Stuff – Enduring: Restoring the heart of Te Urewera
    Bess Manson | Dominion Post/Stuff – Jemima​ Gazley’s cancer journey legacy
  • Best feature writing – crime and justice
    Guyon Espiner | RNZ – The untold story of how police shot Shargin Stephens
    Pete McKenzie | North & South – The Afterlife of Peter Ellis
    Nadine Porter | The Press/Stuff – Broken: The murder that ripped a town apart
    Jared Savage | NZ Herald/NZME – Catch me if you can
    Veronica Schmidt | RNZ – How a pervert became CEO of a crown entity
  • Best feature writing – social issues, including health and education
    Anusha Bradley | RNZ – Women struggle for treatment as ACC changes policy on perineal tears
    Jehan Casinader | Sunday Star-Times/Stuff – ‘Pressured’ to terminate – Down Syndrome pregnancies
    Michelle Duff | Stuff – Koia te aroha: Ngā pāpā Māori (Just love: Māori dads)
    Paul Gorman | North & South – Down on the Farm
    Pete McKenzie | North & South – Hired Guns
    Nadine Porter | The Press/Stuff – Lands of loneliness
    Melanie Reid | newsroom.co.nz – A plea for help, then descent into hell
  • Feature Writer of the Year (short-form)
    Steve Braunias | NZ Herald/NZME
    Alex Casey | The Spinoff
    Steve Kilgallon | Sunday Star-Times/Stuff
    Martin van Beynen | The Press/Stuff
    Simon Wilson | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Feature Writer of the Year (long-form)
    Naomi Arnold | RNZ, NZ Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Guyon Espiner | RNZ
    Kate Evans | NZ Geographic/Kōwhai Media, NZ Listener/Are Media
    Pete McKenzie | North & South
    Bill Morris | NZ Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Simon Wilson | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Junior Feature Writer of the Year – sponsored by Asia Media Centre
    Brittney Deguara | Stuff
    Katie Harris | NZ Herald/NZME
    Zoe Madden-Smith | Re: News
    Jane Matthews | Taranaki Daily News/Stuff
    Pete McKenzie | North & South
  • Best first-person essay or feature
    Duncan Greive | The Spinoff – A brief history of the humiliating places I have fallen asleep
    Stewart Hunt | Stuff – When push comes to love: parenting your parents
    Jonathan Milne | newsroom.co.nz – Community concern a ‘risk’ to dramatic expansion of school zones and buildings
    Matt Nippert | NZ Herald/NZME – Whakapakari: Out of that place, monsters came
    Simon Wilson | NZ Herald/NZME – Fear and hope in the radiotherapy room
  • Best Columnist (including opinion writing)
    Liam Dann | NZ Herald/NZME
    Shilo Kino | newsroom.co.nz
    Kim Knight | NZ Herald/NZME
    Toby Manhire | The Spinoff
    Glenn McConnell | Dominion Post/Stuff
    Simon Wilson | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Reporter of the Year – sponsored by Voyager Internet
    Guyon Espiner | RNZ
    David Fisher | NZ Herald/NZME
    Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | RNZ, TVNZ
    Kirsty Johnston | Stuff

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