• Best innovation in digital storytelling – sponsored by Google News Initiative
    RNZ and Vanishing Point Studio – Game Change: NZ’s burgeoning video game industry
    Stuff – Aotearoa in 20
    Stuff Circuit/Stuff – Emma
    The Spinoff with Hex Work Productions and Vanishing Point Studio – 100 Year Forecast
    The Spinoff with Toby Morris and Dr Siouxsie Wiles – Break the chain
    TVNZ and Vanishing Point Studio – Answers Under the Ice
  • Best podcast – episodic/recurrent
    Newshub Nation/Discovery NZ – Supplementary Question
    Nanogirl Labs Ltd/RNZ – Nanogirl’s Great Science Adventures
    RNZ – Black Sheep
  • Best podcast – narrative/serial
    Bird of Paradise and RNZ – Getting Better – A Year in the Life of a Māori Medical Student
    Bird of Paradise and RNZ – The Service
    The Spinoff Coming Home
  • News App of the Year – sponsored by Huawei
    NZ Herald App/NZME
    Stuff App/Stuff Ltd
    The Eastern Bay App
  • News Website of the Year – sponsored by Voyager Internet

  • Best feature writing – general
    Naomi Arnold | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media Wildfire
    Steve Braunias | NZ Herald/NZME My monster who died in a ditch
    Greg Bruce | Canvas, NZ Herald/NZME Goodwill hunting
    Jehan Casinader | Sunday Star-Times/Stuff Not Out
    Dana Johannsen | Stuff The Mystery of Mrs Muir
  • Best feature writing – crime and justice
    Guyon Espiner | RNZ Gassed in their cells, begging for food at Auckland Women’s Prison
    Aaron Smale | newsroom.co.nz Abuse, torture and a deep state campaign of denial
    Mike White | North & South/Bauer Media Anatomy of a Scandal: 20 Years of Lies, Cover-ups, Incompetence and Shonky Science
  • Best feature writing – social issues, including health and education
    Isaac Davison | NZ Herald/NZME Dilworth School sex abuse investigation
    Nicholas Jones | NZ Herald/NZME Covid and the korowai
    Florence Kerr | Stuff Tame Iti
    Kirsty Lawrence | Waikato Times/Stuff Force for Change
    Andrea Vance | Stuff Living in Silence
  • Best first-person essay or feature
    Nadine Anne Hura | The Spinoff Listening to the silence: Those who don’t, can’t or won’t vote this election
    Shelley Burne-Field | E-Tangata The Grind of Racism
    Ruby Heyward | Sunday Star-Times/Stuff My father isn’t a work of fiction… He’s better
    Craig Hoyle | Sunday Star-Times Leaving the Exclusive Brethren: 10 years on
    Veronica Schmidt | RNZ I was filmed in a Kmart changing cubicle
  • Junior Feature Writer of the Year
    Michael Andrew | The Spinoff
    Katie Harris | NZ Herald/NZME
    Joel MacManus | Dominion Post/Stuff
    Stewart Sowman-Lund | The Spinoff
  • Feature Writer of the Year (long-form)
    Guyon Espiner | RNZ
    Kate Evans | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    David Fisher | NZ Herald/NZME
    Dana Johannsen | Stuff
    Mike White | Dominion Post, Sunday Star-Times/Stuff and North & South/Bauer Media
  • Feature Writer of the Year (short-form)
    Nicholas Jones | NZ Herald/NZME
    Kim Knight | Canvas, Weekend Herald/NZME
    Matt Nippert | NZ Herald/NZME
    Mike White | Dominion Post/Stuff and North & South/Bauer Media
    Simon Wilson | NZ Herald/NZME

  • Best artist/graphic design
    Toby Morris | The Spinoff – Toby Morris’ collaborations with microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles
    Newshub Design Team | Newshub/Discovery NZ – 2020 New Zealand Election
    Stuff Interactives | Stuff – Starting Again, Deep Trouble, Labour Day
    Stuff Circuit | Stuff – Emma, False Profit, The Ultimate Con
    Abhi Topiwala | Sunday/TVNZ – ALO
  • Best columnist – business
    Paul McBeth | BusinessDesk/Content Ltd
    Tom Pullar-Strecker | Stuff
    Maria Slade | The National Business Review
    Pattrick Smellie | BusinessDesk/Content Ltd
    Calida Stuart-Menteath | The National Business Review
  • Best columnist – general
    Derek Cheng | NZ Herald/NZME
    Virginia Fallon | Stuff
    Leonie Hayden | The Spinoff
    Anna Rawhiti-Connell | newsroom.co.nz
  • Best columnist – politics
    Jehan Casinader | BusinessDesk/Content Ltd
    Jane Clifton | New Zealand Listener/Are Media
    John Roughan | NZ Herald/NZME
    Pattrick Smellie | BusinessDesk/Content Ltd
    Jenee Tibshraeny | interest.co.nz
    Andrea Vance | Stuff
  • Cartoonist of the Year
    Rod Emmerson | NZ Herald/NZME
    Toby Morris The | Spinoff
    Sharon Murdoch | Stuff Media, Sunday Star-Times, Dominion Post/Stuff
    Shaun Yeo | Otago Daily Times/Allied Press
  • Opinion Writer of the Year
    Liam Dann | NZ Herald/NZME
    Leonie Hayden | The Spinoff
    Alison Mau | Stuff
    Andrea Vance | Stuff
    Simon Wilson | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Reviewer of the Year
    Sally Blundell | North & South/Bauer Media, Landfall Review Online and Academy of NZ Literature
    Mark Broatch | New Zealand Listener/Are Media and Academy of NZ Literature
    James Croot | Stuff
    Charlotte Grimshaw | New Zealand Listener/Are Media and newsroom.co.nz
    Diana Wichtel | New Zealand Listener/Are Media
  • nib Health Journalism Scholarship – junior – sponsored by nib New Zealand
    Adam Pearse | Northern Advocate/NZME
    Zahra Shahtahmasebi | New Zealand Doctor | Rata Aotearoa
  • nib Health Journalism Scholarship – senior – sponsored by nib New Zealand
    Greg Bruce | NZ Herald/NZME
    Jo Lines-MacKenzie | Waikato Times/Stuff
    Hannah Martin | Stuff
    Cecile Meier | Stuff
  • Editorial Executive of the Year – sponsored by ASB
    Carmen Parahi | Stuff
    Debbie Porteous | Otago Daily Times/Allied Press
    Jane Skinner | Sunday/TVNZ
    Todd Symons | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Nadia Tolich | NZ Herald/NZME

  • Best magazine cover
    Air Force News/Bluestar Publishing
    Here/SFG Media
    Metro Magazine/Metro Media Group
    New Zealand Listener/Are Media
  • Best newsstand magazine
    Here/SFG Media
    Metro Magazine/Metro Media Group
    New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    New Zealand Listener/Are Media
  • Best trade/professional magazine
    Air Force News/Bluestar Publishing
    New Zealand Doctor/Rata Aotearoa
    NZ Dairy Exporter

  • Best newspaper front page
    Bay of Plenty Times/NZME
    Herald on Sunday/NZME
    NZ Herald/NZME
    The Press/Stuff
  • Best newspaper magazine
    Canvas, Weekend Herald/NZME
    Sunday magazine, Sunday Star-Times/Stuff
    Travel, NZ Herald/NZME
    Viva, NZ Herald/NZME
  • Community Newspaper of the Year – sponsored by ASB
    Gulf News/Pendragon Press
    Mountain Scene/Allied Press
    Oamaru Mail/Allied Press
    The Star, Dunedin/Allied Press
    Wairarapa Midweek/National Media
  • Metropolitan Newspaper of the Year
    Dominion Post/Stuff
    The Press/Stuff
  • Regional Newspaper of the Year
    Bay of Plenty Times/NZME
    Hawke’s Bay Today/NZME
    Northern Advocate/NZME
    Rotorua Daily Post/NZME
  • Weekly Newspaper of the Year
    The Weekend Press/Stuff
    Weekend Herald/NZME

  • Best photography – features, including portraits, fashion, food and architecture
    Claire Eastham-Farrelly | RNZ
    Richard Robinson | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Chris Skelton | Stuff
    Chris Weissenborn | Navy Today Magazine
    David White | Stuff
  • Best photography – news
    John Cowpland | Alphapix and Stuff
    Brett Phibbs | NZ Herald/NZME and New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    David Unwin | Manawatū Standard/Stuff
    David White | Stuff
  • Best photography – sport
    Andrew Cornaga | Photosport
    Hannah Peters | Getty Images
    Brett Phibbs | PhibbsVisuals, Photosport, NZ Herald/NZME
  • Best photo-story/essay
    Michael Craig | Canvas Magazine, Weekend Herald/NZME
    Cameron McLaren | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Brett Phibbs | Photosport, NZ Herald/NZME, New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Richard Robinson | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Lawrence Smith | Stuff
  • Best photography – junior
    Ryan Anderson | Stuff
    Ricky Wilson | Stuff
  • Photographer of the Year – sponsored by Canon
    Mark Baker | Associated Press
    John Cowpland | Alphapix, Stuff, Photosport
    Iain McGregor | Stuff
    Brett Phibbs | PhibbsVisuals, NZ Herald/NZME, Photosport, New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    David White | Stuff

  • Best coverage of a major news event
    Newshub/Discovery NZ with Michael Morrah – Covid-19 crisis
    Newshub/Discovery NZ with Tova O’Brien – Election 2020: National’s leadership troubles
    NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB/NZME – The Year of Covid
    Stuff – Covid-19 Alert level 4 lockdown
    Sunday/TVNZ with Jane Skinner – Covid-19 coverage
  • Best editorial campaign or project
    Checkpoint/RNZ – Air New Zealand refunds
    Chris Lynch, Newstalk ZB – Christchurch Hospital public parking
    The Spinoff – Explaining Coronavirus – Dr Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris
    RNZ – Here We Are
    The Project/Discovery NZ – Love Grace
    Northern Advocate/NZME – Our Hidden Homeless
    Stuff – Our Truth: Tā Mātou Pono
  • Best individual investigation
    Guyon Espiner | RNZ – SIS Secrets Revealed
    Kristin Hall | TVNZ – Weta Digital: World’s most beautiful toxic waste dump
    Thomas Manch | Stuff – Mosque terrorist wrongly granted firearms licence
    Michael Morrah | Newshub/Discovery NZ – Lack of testing for border workers
    Jared Savage | NZ Herald/NZME – Gangs of New Zealand
    Aaron Smale | newsroom.co.nz – Abuse, torture and a deep state campaign of denial
  • Best team investigation – sponsored by NZ On Air
    RNZ – NZ First donations
    Stuff – Unwarranted
    Sunday/TVNZ – I Can’t Breathe
  • Best reporting – crime and justice
    Kurt Bayer | NZ Herald/NZME
    Blair Ensor | The Press and Dominion Post/Stuff
    Kirsty Johnston | Stuff and NZ Herald/NZME
    Hamish McNeilly | The Press/Stuff
    Tony Wall | Stuff
  • Best reporting – environment
    Alison Ballance | RNZ
    Kate Evans | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Eloise Gibson | Stuff
    Farah Hancock | newsroom.co.nz
    Ellen O’Dwyer | Waikato Times and Stuff
    Olivia Wannan | Stuff
  • Best reporting – general
    Georgina Campbell | NZ Herald/NZME
    Mark Crysell | Sunday/TVNZ
    Tom Dillane | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Best reporting – Māori affairs
    Mihingarangi Forbes | The Hui/Great Southern Television and Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | RNZ
    Florence Kerr | Stuff
    Jody O’Callaghan | Stuff
    Carmen Parahi | Stuff
  • Best reporting – personal finance
    Garth Bray | Fair Go, 1News.co.nz/TVNZ
    Tamsyn Parker | NZ Herald/NZME
    Rob Stock | Stuff
  • Best reporting – social issues, including health and education
    Vicki Anderson | The Press/Stuff
    Nita Blake-Persen | RNZ
    Patrick Gower | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Jamie Morton | NZ Herald/NZME
    Lisa Owen | Checkpoint/RNZ
    Susan Strongman | RNZ
    Lynley Ward | NZ Herald/NZME
  • Best reporting – travel
    Thomas Bywater | NZ Herald/NZME
    Michelle Langstone | NZ Herald/NZME
    Nick Perry | Associated Press (published by NZ Herald and Stuff)
    Lorna Thornber | Stuff.co.nz/Stuff
  • Business Journalist of the Year
    Nikki Macdonald | Sunday Star-Times, Dominion Post, stuff.co.nz/Stuff
    Nikki Mandow | newsroom.co.nz
    Matt Nippert | NZ Herald/NZME
    Jenny Ruth | BusinessDesk/Content Ltd
    Maria Slade | The National Business Review
  • Community Journalist of the Year
    Charles Anderson | Nelson Weekly
    Jonty Dine | Nelson Weekly
    Justin Latif | The Spinoff
  • Political Journalist of the Year
    Henry Cooke | Stuff
    Amelia Jane Wade | NZ Herald/NZME
    Jenna Lynch | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Matt Nippert | NZ Herald/NZME
    Tova O’Brien | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Andrea Vance | Stuff
  • Regional Journalist of the Year – sponsored by Google News Initiative
    Kurt Bayer NZ | Herald/NZME
    Kiri Gillespie | Bay of Plenty Times/NZME
    Robin Martin | RNZ
    Samantha Olley | Rotorua Daily Post/NZME
  • Science Journalist of the Year – sponsored by Science Media Centre
    Naomi Arnold | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media, The Spinoff
    Kate Evans | New Zealand Geographic/Kōwhai Media
    Charlie Mitchell | Stuff
    Jamie Morton | NZ Herald/NZME
    Susan Strongman | RNZ
  • Sports Journalist of the Year – sponsored by Sky Sport
    Dylan Cleaver | NZ Herald/NZME
    Dana Johannsen | Stuff
    Suzanne McFadden | newsroom.co.nz
    Ollie Ritchie | Newshub/Discovery NZ
  • Student Journalist of the Year – sponsored by News Publishers’ Association
    Ruby Heyward | Stuff
    Ella Stewart | RNZ
    Louise Ternouth | RNZ
    Steven Walton | The Press/Stuff
    Sherry Zhang | The Spinoff
  • Junior Reporter of the Year – sponsored by Asia Media Centre
    Charlotte Cook | RNZ
    Josephine Franks | Stuff
    Te Aniwa Hurihanganui | RNZ
    Kethaki Masilamani | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Samantha Olley | Rotorua Daily Post/NZME
    Mackenzie Smith | RNZ
    Mandy Te Dominion | Post/Stuff
  • Broadcast Reporter of the Year – sponsored by NZ On Air
    Mark Crysell | Sunday/TVNZ
    Patrick Gower | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Miriama Kamo | Sunday/TVNZ
    Tova O’Brien | Newshub/Discovery NZ
    Melanie Reid | newsroom.co.nz
  • Reporter of the Year – sponsored by Voyager Internet
    Dileepa Fonseka | newsroom.co.nz
    Alison Mau | Stuff
    Carmen Parahi | Stuff
    Jared Savage | NZ Herald/NZME
    Dean Taylor | Te Awamutu Courier/NZME and Waipā Post

  • Best breaking news video – sponsored by NZ On Air
    Newshub Late team/Discovery NZ – Auckland August Lockdown
    Stuff with Jason Dorday – Police dog shot
    TVNZ with Thomas Mead and Jared McCulloch – Southland Floods
  • Best documentary/series – sponsored by NZ On Air
    Stuff Circuit/Stuff – Emma
    Stuff Circuit/Stuff – False Profit
    Prime – Help Is On The Way
    Stuff – Munted
    Newshub/Discovery NZ and Ruckus – Patrick Gower: On Lockdown
  • Best current affairs/series– sponsored by NZ On Air
    Sunday/TVNZ – Brothers
    Sunday/TVNZ – I Can’t Breathe
    Sunday/TVNZ – Stan’s Story
    Newshub/Discovery NZ – The Euthanasia Question
    Te Ao with MOANA/Māori Television – The Long Reach; Once Were Gangsters; Police Belly Up
  • Best feature video – sponsored by NZ On Air
    Nick Monro | RNZ – Boy with disability living in garage, family waits on Housing NZ
    Claire Eastham-Farrelly | RNZ – Generation Next: Mez & Mahlete
    Ryan Anderson | Stuff – NZ is Closed
    Abigail Dougherty | Stuff – The Mystery of Mrs Muir
  • Video Journalist of the Year – sponsored by Canon
    Sam Kelway | 1 News/TVNZ
    Iain McGregor | Stuff
    Mike Scott | NZ Herald/NZME
    Chris Skelton | Stuff
    Rosa Woods | Dominion Post and Stuff

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