The Print Media Accreditation Authority (PMAA) is a committee formed by the members of the News Publishers' Association (NPA) and the Magazine Publishers' Association (MPA).

The members of the NPA and MPA have given the PMAA authority to grant accreditation to New Zealand-based Advertising Agencies who wish to place advertising in their member publications. Agencies are accredited annually by the PMAA. Copies of the PMAA Rules and Application Form can be downloaded from this page. The PMAA Secretariat is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Please contact us for further information.

Accredited Agencies

  • Adcorp New Zealand Ltd t/a NeonLogic Agency
  • Artikel & Swint Ltd
  • Attivo Ltd t/a Farrimond
  • Attivo Ltd t/a Harvey Cameron
  • Attivo Ltd t/a Rainmakers
  • BC&F dentsu Limited t/a dentsu media
  • Bettle Group Ltd
  • Big Splash Limited
  • B M Media Ltd
  • Bullseye Media & Marketing Ltd
  • Camistry Ltd
  • Carat New Zealand Ltd
  • Diamond Advertising Ltd
  • Directions Advertising Ltd
  • EightyOne Media Ltd
  • Electric Art
  • FCB
  • Flame Communications Ltd
  • Group M – Chemistry Media Ltd t/a Mediacom

  • Group M – t/a Ikon Communications (NZ) Ltd
  • Group M – t/a Wavemaker NZ Ltd
  • Group M – t/a Mindshare NZ Ltd
  • GSL Promotus
  • Haines NZ Ltd
  • Havas New Zealand Ltd
  • Hyde Agencies Ltd
  • Ideation Media Ltd
  • Keiro Ltd t/a Strategy Media
  • King St Advertising
  • Lassoo Media Ltd
  • Lucy Smith Consulting Ltd
  • Media Storm Ltd
  • Media Buying Services
  • Multi Market Services New Zealand Ltd – t/a McCready Bale Media
  • Multi Market Services New Zealand Ltd – t/a Starcom New Zealand
  • Multi Market Services New Zealand Ltd – t/a Zenith New Zealand

  • OMG – t/a Dynamo Media
  • OMG – t/a Hearts & Science
  • OMG – t/a OMD NZ
  • OMG – t/a Omnet
  • OMG – t/a PHD Network Ltd
  • OMG – t/a Rocket Network
  • OMG – t/a Total Media
  • Republik Communications Ltd
  • Sandbox Media
  • Smalley Communications Ltd
  • Stanley St Ltd
  • Tactical Media
  • The Media Dept Ltd
  • The Family NZ Ltd
  • Together Communications Ltd
  • Touch Advertising
  • Tracta Ltd
  • Vizeum NZ Limited t/a dentsu media
  • VMLY&R Ltd
  • Work Communications Ltd t/a Work Media

Place Through Agencies

Below is a list of accredited agencies who have entered into place through arrangements with the clients of the non-accredited agencies listed in the right column.

Place Through Agencies

  • Attivo Ltd t/a Rainmakers
  • Carat New Zealand Ltd
  • Diamond Advertising Ltd
  • Group M New Zealand
  • Lassoo Media Ltd
  • McCready Bale Media Ltd
  • OMG – t/a OMD NZ
  • PHD Network Ltd
  • Stanley St Ltd
  • Starcom New Zealand

Non-accredited Agencies

  • Mike Fredricson & Associates
  • Bell Booth, Pachelbel, Red Media
  • Hot Mustard, Communications Ltd
  • Hyde, Media Map, Sneakers
  • Media Stone
  • Hanton & Co
  • Law and Chaos
  • Bespoke, GI Media, Tactical Media, Work Media
  • Snap Media Ltd, The M Agency
  • Rainger & Rolfe

Get in touch

The PMAA Secretariat is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Postal Address:
PO Box 2941
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Telephone: (+64) 9 306 1600